YFRWPA - CAMPING                                                                        Version  03/2012          



CAMPING FACILITY – this consists of two toilets, two showers, ablution water, six allocated camping sites with BBQ/fire rings, and one central BBQ/ fire ring.



·         Collect and remove your rubbish from the Reserve.

·         Bring your own drinking water.

·         Bring your own wood from outside the Reserve for any fire – BBQ or HW rocket.

·         Camp on allocated site, except if overnight backpacking, or on Committee authorised project.

·         Please use Report Sheet when hiking to record feral and native wildlife sightings, weeds, damage, features of interest, etc.

·         Take care - you enter and stay at your own risk. The Reserve is a rugged and isolated area including cliffs, unmarked caves and crevasses, and no reliable water sources.



·         Book by telephone or email via the Secretary.

·         First come, first in.

·         Project works will take precedence in site allocation.

·         Members only, except by member invitation and supervision, or Committee authorised project.

·         Fees payable on booking confirmation:

                                                                     Member and immediate family (partner & children) - free.

                                                                     Non-Member - $20/person/up to week.

                                                                     Child (<13 years) – free.

                                                                     Authorised project work – free/donation.


·         Lots of things HAVE to be done – fencing, “photopoint” photography, wildlife surveys (“transect” walks), fox baiting, planting, building, rabbit warren location and destruction, etc. – please indicate your expertise/interest and availability.

·         All restrictions and controls have a safety or conservation basis.

·         If you have a query – please ask!

·         If you have a suggestion – please tell!

·         UHF channel 4 repeater on Mt.Caernarvon is available for communication in emergencies – use UHF 14 for general talk.

·         Ablution water is bore water – do not drink it, and use it sparingly. A new rainwater tank has been installed adjacent to the amenities building, but water should be purified prior to drinking.

·         Please leave all gates, chains, etc., as you found them.

.         Water and Power need to be turned on when arriving and off when departing.



·         During bushfire season and in times of extreme heat, cooking with gas or an equivalently contained cooking apparatus is  permitted only.

·         If a wildfire is imminent, it is strongly suggested to remain at the campsite rather than exit via the track or road. The amenities building is constructed of steel and fibro and is well insulated, so is unlikely to burn and can offer a substantial level of protection over being caught out in the open.

·        The choice to stay or leave is up to the individual but all circumstances should be considered before making that decision.