YFRWPA Feral Animal & Pest Control                                       Version      4/2013


Feral Animal & Pest Control and use of the sighting in target area may only be undertaken by YFRWPA Members who hold the Appropriate Firearms licence and use Registered Firearms.


 Intent to shoot in the field or on the sighting-in target area must be indicated at time of booking for:

-          Association approval (including others in the field or at Camp).   

-          Information must be left on the Camp white board indicating;

                        Persons involved.

                        Time frame and Location of Activity.    


UHF Channel 4 must be open during all field shooting.


An individual Channel can be selected for Person to Person Communication while in the field (recommended UHF Channel 14) but Channel 4 must still be scanned at all times.


Report sightings and culled animal locations (use GPS/Map and Report/Data Sheet), species, number, age, sex, condition, etc, as appropriate.


Sighting-in target shooting can take place at the allocated area with a responsible person appointed to ensure all standard safety rules and procedures are followed.