April 2019 Grasslands Survey

Pictures Courtesy of Katrina W.

Monitoring Grasslands

The Grassland and shrub land herbivore impact survey is conducted annually in April. The survey aims to build a longitudinal data set to monitor the native perennial grasses and shrubs on the the Bunkers Conservation Reserve. Regular surveillance of the herbivore impact on plants provides important information to inform herbivore management.
The survey is supervised by a senior ecologist for the South Australian Department of Environment and Water. Approximately 10 sites representing different areas within the Bunkers are surveyed.  At each site, 60 quadrants (1m x 1m) are assessed, the following data are recorded:
-number of grass butts, shrubs
-amount of scat and scat type
-presence of weeds 
-assessment (scoring) of the damage due to herbivore grazing on butts and shrubs 

Volunteering to assist with the survey  is a great way to learn about the ecology of the  Bunkers, and a great way to meet other members. Non-members can also apply to become a volunteer. Volunteers do not need ecology knowledge or prior experience, training is provided on-site.
Please contact admin@yellowfoot.org to register your interest in volunteering.