With help from Senior Rangers from the South Australian Government Department for Environment and Heritage it was discovered that The Bunkers had a major decline in Mulga (Acacia aneura).
With a grant from Enviro Fund a Yellow footed Rock Wallaby Preservation member Mr Tony Cathcart took on the position of Project Manager.
Two allotments were selected and works commenced on the animal proof fence while Tony and volunteers took on the task of collecting local Mulga seed and then planting and raising many hundreds of seedlings in Adelaide.
Once the seedlings were of an appropriate size they were transported to The Bunkers and planted throughout the two revegetation sites in 2005.
Unfortunately with the severe drought conditions since then many seedlings have been lost, but with further plantings the sites are showing positive signs of recovery.
Many thanks go to the Project Manager Tony Cathcart and the many volunteers that helped with fencing, seedlings and planting.
On going management of revegetation on The Bunkers is now done by Yellowfoot Members.